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Bradfield in Nut Brown

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Bradfield in Nut Brown

Launched in Spring 2016 The Bradfield is a new single motor riser recliner chair finished in an easy-clean plush faux leather. The chair's single motor is operated via the simple two-button handset. When reclining, the footrest comes up in sync with the back rest recline. The motor operates smoothly and gently giving the user full control of the process. The chair comes with an extension lead for the motor allowing the chair to be positioned up to four metres from a wall socket. Important notes on delivery and VAT: The chair is excellent value and the delivery service used helps us to keep costs down for you. We use an express overnight parcel courier rather than a home installation team. The chair comes in two boxes, the larger of which is 43kg. Please ensure you have an able bodied person at the delivery address to receive the chair. Our driver may need help from his van and will not be allowed to enter your home. Home assembly is simple. The price quoted does not include VAT. VAT is not chargeable if the chair's user has a chronic illness or disabling condition. We find the overwhelming majority of customers buying this kind of chair do qualify for a vat free price. Once you have ordered we will contact you by phone to agree a weekday delivery day and make a note of your qualifiying condition.

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