Leather Types

Our premium chairs, such as the Mars, the Mayfair and the Geneva are all made with Genuine Leather as the main covering. Our factories use high-grade leather hides which are selected from the best quality sources. 

Many of the chairs in our range are made with Bonded Leather. Bonded leather is made from the cuts left behind in real leather production. Those cuts are ground down, reformed using special adhesives and get a quality finish to give it a smooth and luxurious feel. The result is a chair that is much less expensive than a top-grain leather chair, with an almost identical look and feel. Because the production process uses off-cuts of leather, it is also eco-friendly. This type of covering is very popular all across the furniture industry and the technology is improving every year. 

Unlike Genuine or Bonded leather, Faux Leather (PU) containers no real leather at all. It is made by coating a fabric like cotton or polyester with a flexible polymer and then treating it to look more like animal hide. The quality of PU has improved greatly over recent years and we do have a couple of models in PU. 

PU and PVC are also often used as a secondary material on our chairs. This is done to give customers the best value possible. These materials are used on non-facing sides such as the back or the underside. They are dyed so that they match the main leather material. PVC isn’t as breathable as PU so is never used as a main chair covering. 

Please use our Swatch Service if you would like to compare any of the coverings or if you need to be sure about the colour you are selecting. Please call us on 0800 644 5064 with your name, address and the swatches you would like to see and we will post them out free of charge.

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